Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stretching techniques taught by Tamara the Trapeze Lady

Who better to learn stretching techniques from but Tamara the Trapeze Lady?  If you have ever seen any of the fabulous Tamara's shows you know that she is flexible, strong and an amazing preformer.  She is joining us for the first time at the Health Fair although she has held fundraisers for Women's Health Outreach in the past.  We can all benefit from techniques she learned in her years of preforming experience that require she be in the most vigorous shape.
Tamara started her aerial education in 1989 with famed Seattle choreographer and inventor Robert Davidson. She has participated in classes and workshops at the San Francisco Circus Center, the Aerial Dance Festival in Boulder, Colorado and Seattle's own U.M.O. Ensemble and continues to explore aerial techniques featuring two point static and single point trapeze, tissu, sling and harness work on rope and bungee. Her movement background includes Ballet, modern and Jazz with a high emphasis on improv.
Tamara the Trapeze Lady

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