Saturday, June 25, 2011

Schedule of Events at the LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair

The Health Fair is about options!  We have an incredible group of dedicated Peer Providers that you can make appointments with throughout the day via their sign up sheets.  Enjoy a chair massage, have a Tarot Reading or talk with professionals about specific issues.  Plus we have opportunities for group involvement.

Take a peek at the schedule and plan your day around your interests.  This day is about YOU!

10:00am - 3:00pm  Music performance by Marla Nonkin on keyboards
10:30am - 11:00am Laughter Session with Ingrid Berkhout
11:15am - 11:45am  Chi Cong with Davida
12.00am - 1:00pm Theatre of the Oppressed with Lupita Patterson
1:15pm - 1:45pm Chi Cong with Davida
2.00pm Reading from Yogic Bliss followed by Yoga Breathing with Autumn Needles

Friday, June 24, 2011

The 13th Annual LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair is here - Saturday 6/25

The anticipation for the health fair has been great amongst those of us working on it. We have been preparing for your arrival and are just plain excited to welcome you.  Admittedly sleep has been a bit less with the anticipation as we have drawn closer to today. 

Each year Ingrid works tirelessly to improve upon the last year to ensure you have an experience that adds to your life in healthy ways.  We are grateful to our fabulous Peer Providers who have given of their time, expertise and energy.  Hopefully you will enjoy the services while making new friends and reconnect with friends you may not have seen for a while.  Community is so important to overall good health and we are honored to be a part of your lives.

We welcome your feedback and would love for you to share with us how the health fair has impacted your life.  We will publish your stories over the next couple months - so call or write to us (anonymity will be maintained upon request).  We thank each of you for spreading the word, bringing friends and spending part of your day with us.

Laughter is the best medicine according to Ingrid Berkhout

When was the last time you had a good belly laugh or laughed until you cried?  You may be surprised to learn that laughter has many more benefits than you may think.  It has been shown in some studies to strengthen your immune system, increase intellectual performance and be a natural stress releaser.  Even a small amount of laughing can add benefits for hours.  Laughing can trigger endorphines, balance blood pressure and ease pain.  It may even create a more positive attitude and improve sleep.  

If you have not laughed with Ingrid Berkhout, Program Manager of the Women's Health Outreach - you are in for a treat!  Ingrid will be leading a fabulous Laughter Session during our 13th Annual LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair.  She believes that laughing is no joke when it comes to the overall benefits one can receive from laughter. 

Join Ingrid at 10:30am - 11:00am on Saturday, June 25th for jaw aching, side splitting and knee slapping laughing. 

SugarPill is a sweet addition to the LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair

We are very excited to have SugarPill join us for the first time this year.  SugarPill is a modern twist on a traditional apothecary. They offer both medicinal and culinary herbs and spices, including an extensive collection of gourmet salts, house-made exotic spice blends and medicinal tea formulations.

Herbalist and proprietor Karyn Schwartz will be available to answer questions and assist you on your path to more vibrant health. They also feature a wide variety of cocktail bitters, local honey and preserves, fair trade teas, exquisite chocolates, caramels and luscious, natural skin and body care products to delight all of your senses.  Make sure you take a moment to check out all SugarPill has to offer.

Karyn Schwartz, Proprietor SugarPill
Apothecary * Culinary * Mercantile
206.322.7455 (PILL)
900 E. Pine St.
Seattle WA, 98122

Babeland supports 13th Annual LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair

They are many great things about Babeland including providing a comfortable, sleaze-free place to shop for sex toys and other adult items.  They have a knowledgeable staff, quality products, and a multitude of sexy workshops. Babeland's mission is as follows:  to promote and celebrate sexual vitality by providing an honest, open and fun environment. Encouraging personal empowerment, community education, and support for a more passionate world are key. Babeland has received numerous accolades for our unparalleled customer service in addition to being rated the best place to buy sex toys by numerous publications.

The Babeland staffer at the 13th annual LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair has a background in post-cancer sexuality and has presented to many local organizations about the importance of providing sexuality information during life changing events.  This is a great fit with our other Peer Providers to create a well rounded experience on Saturday.

Schedule of events at 13th Annual LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair

We are very excited about tomorrow's Health Fair and have scheduled events as well as the ability to talk with providers one-on-one! 
10:00am - 3:00pm  Music performance by Marla Nonkin on keyboards
10:30am -11:00am Laughter Session with Ingrid Berkhout
11:15am -11:45pm Chi Cong with Davida
12:00am -1:00pm Theatre of the Oppressed with Lupita Patterson
1:15pm - 1:45pm Chi Cong with Davida
2:00pm - 3:00pm Reading followed by Yoga/breathing with Autumn Needles
 Ongoing Opportunities to enhance your health with:
 Breast Health Education
 Personal Trainer/movement
 Heart Health/Cholesterol Check
 Seattle Counseling Services
 Energy Balancing (B.E.S.T)
Tarot readings
Heart Point Healing
 Amethyst Bio-Mat
 Laughter Session
 Susan G. Komen
Young Survival Coalition Seattle

Saving Lives By Increasing Early Detection - LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair

The Koreans Women's Association partners with Franciscan Health System to create the Breast Cancer Navigator Program. The Breast Cancer Navigator Program has served nearly 15,000 women since it began in 2005. The Navigator helps save lives by going out into the community; educating women about breast cancer and the need for screening. Offering free, culturally sensitive, language appropriate assistance to women from under served populations and helping them get mammograms, increasing early detection of breast cancer.
This program is funded through the generous donation of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation.  Doris Harris will be on hand at our 13th Annual LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair.

Doris L. Harris
Breast Cancer Navigator
Serving African American women and the LGBTQ community

Certified Personal Trainer adds meal planning to the workout

Tracey D Watkins is the owner of Your Place Of Fitness.  She has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 1998 and specializes in Post Rehab, General Conditioning, Weight loss and Meal Planning. She makes her home in Seattle and is part of Trancend Fitness (located on Capital Hill).  Check her out Saturday, June 25th at the LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair and maybe get motivated to start a new regime.

Massage therapists are a popular peer provider

Many members of our community look forward to the chair massage that is offered FREE at the LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair by our Peer Providers.  We have 3 massage therapists that will touch away any stress you are feeling.
Amy Wolf, LMP is a sole proprietor and has been licensed since 1992 in our lovely Washington State.  Prior to moving to Washington Amy studied in Santa Cruz, CA.  She is gifted both at muscle-specific treatment massage and subtle energy work.  Her philosophy supports spending energy on actual prevention in addition to focusing on early detection.  Eating a healthy diet and limiting smoking or drinking adds to overall health.  Amy understands that early detection is not prevention, and she feels the two messages can be confused.

Amy Wolf, LMP is a sole proprietor at Westwood Healing Arts providing licensed therapeutic massage for job-related injuries, repetitive stress conditions such as carpal tunnel and tendonitis, general relaxation, car accident injuries. We also provide Reiki healing and Reiki teachings and attunements, chakra healing, polarity therapy, soul retrieval, and clairvoyant readings.
Appointment only; two locations in West Seattle and Lake City.
Westwood Healing Arts on Facebook
206-349-9198 (no text)
7942 28th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98126
10522 Lake City Way NE Seattle WA 98115
lic #MA00005860

Chi-Cong with Davida Wolf

1:15-1:45 Chi-Cong

Davida Wolf is a new Peer Provider and we are pleased to have Chi-Cong as part of our eclectic and wonderful line up.  In the simplest of terms Chi-Cong is a breathing exercise that originates from China.  There are many different ways to practice Ch-Cong and we are looking forward to Davida Wolf showing us her style and technique to better our health.  

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Hope Heart Institute provides Heart Healthy Services

Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the U.S. but in most cases, it is preventable!  We are so honored to have The Hope Heart Institute provide practical, hands-on, easy-to-understand information on maintaining a healthy heart at the 13th Annual LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair.  Additionally, The Hope is sponsoring cholesterol screenings through Screenpointe from 11:00-2:00.  Stop by their table and meet Kristen McHenry and get answers to your heart health questions. 

Kristen McHenry, CVA
Outreach & Volunteer Services Manager
The Hope Heart Institute
1380 112th Ave NE Suite 200
Bellevue, WA 98004
Office:  425.456.8751
Fax: 425.456.8701

Cathy Speelmon from Seattle Counseling Services

We are fortunate to have diversity in knowledge at the upcoming LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair.  If you or a loved one is having any issues with chemical dependency, mental health issues or wanting to quit smoking we have Cathy Speelmon from Seattle Counseling Services available to answer your questions. 
Cathy Speelmon is currently the Program Manager for Addiction Services at Seattle Counseling Service and an instructor in the Alcohol/Drug Studies Program at Bellevue College. Cathy has over twenty five years of experience providing chemical dependency services to both youth and adults in a variety of settings including inpatient, outpatient, school programs and mental health settings. She has expertise in working with LGBTQ individuals, HIV/AIDS, mental health, tobacco cessation, homeless youth and adults, harm reduction strategies and adult children of alcoholics. In addition to her work at Seattle
Counseling Service Cathy has a private practice where she provides individual counseling, couples counseling and consultation regarding addiction concerns.

Lois Thetford, a gifted Physician's Assistant shares her time on Saturday

I would encourage you to talk with Lois Thetford's, Physician's Assistant-Certified (PA-C) on Saturday during 12:30 to 2pm.  Lois has vast experience gleaned from over 35 years being a tireless advocate for the most needy in our community.  As a beloved founder of the 45th St. Clinic she has spent her career in Community Health.  Lois is currently passing on her knowledge by teaching Physician Assistants at the UW.  She continues to work in healthcare and particularly enjoys working with homeless youth providing necessary healthcare and co-ordination of health services.  Thank you Lois!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Amethyst Bio-Mat and Heart Point Healing

Dakara Kies is always a popular Peer Provider and this year will be no exception.  She is featuring Heart Point Technique which is a powerful, yet simple way to clear the blocks that are holding you back.  For those that love the Amethyst Bio-Mat, it will be featured by Maria Vallianatos an enjoyable return Peer Provider from last year.

Discover the power of tri-synergy with an Amethyst Bio-Mat.  Lay down on the Amethyst Bio-Mat which will release of stress, relieve pain and remove toxins, through far-infrared rays, negative ions and amethyst quartz.  For more information visit  425-244-0841 or 425-267-9738.
Dakara Kies
HPT Certified Energy Healer & Inspiration Coach
What is Heart Point Technique? HPT is a powerful, yet simple way to clear the blocks that are holding you back. What would you like to get inspired about? Tap into the deepest wisdom of your heart and set your body mind and spirit free!
Heart Point Healing – Mini healing sessions offered on the half hour.

Stretching techniques taught by Tamara the Trapeze Lady

Who better to learn stretching techniques from but Tamara the Trapeze Lady?  If you have ever seen any of the fabulous Tamara's shows you know that she is flexible, strong and an amazing preformer.  She is joining us for the first time at the Health Fair although she has held fundraisers for Women's Health Outreach in the past.  We can all benefit from techniques she learned in her years of preforming experience that require she be in the most vigorous shape.
Tamara started her aerial education in 1989 with famed Seattle choreographer and inventor Robert Davidson. She has participated in classes and workshops at the San Francisco Circus Center, the Aerial Dance Festival in Boulder, Colorado and Seattle's own U.M.O. Ensemble and continues to explore aerial techniques featuring two point static and single point trapeze, tissu, sling and harness work on rope and bungee. Her movement background includes Ballet, modern and Jazz with a high emphasis on improv.
Tamara the Trapeze Lady

Autumn Needles returns to LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair

Rainbow Health Fair is delighted to have local author and yoga instructor Autumn Needles join us again this year to read from her book, Yogic Bliss and Sexual Healing!  She will read an excerpt and lead a FREE workshop from 2pm - 3pm on basic yoga breathing practices, or pranayama.  Last year Autumn's reading was a hot hit!
2pm - 3pm Basic Yoga Breathing Practices - Pranayama

Autumn will offer a reading from her book as well as instruction in basic yoga breathing practices, or pranayama, which require no special props or clothing and can be done anywhere by anyone.  Pranayama is an easy to learn but profoundly effective practice which can help support and sustain the body during everyday life, as well as during periods of stress or ill health.

Autumn Needles, RYT, owner of HomeBodyYoga, began practicing yoga at age 12 for its physical healing properties and was hooked by its calming and centering effects as well as for its integrative life philosophy.  She received her yoga instructor certification from the Nosara Yoga Institute in 2006 and has been teaching ever since.  She offers private yoga sessions tailored to your needs and specializes in adapting traditional yoga practices to the requirements of each person.

Regular classes are currently only available at LAFitness, but she periodically offers specialized workshops focusing on particular aspects of yoga practice and philosophy.  She recently authored a book, Yogic Bliss and Sexual Healing, available now through Fanny Press and on, which draws on her background in yoga philosophy, her perspective on sex and sexuality and her own life experiences.

Professional contact info:


Autumn Needles


Young Survival Coalition at LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair

While we will be offering mammograms for women over 40 years old at this weekends Health Fair we also offer resources for those under 40 years old facing breast cancer.  The Young Survival Coalition will have 2 volunteers available to provide information and answer your questions.  They will be with us for the entire 10am-3pm to accomodate your schedule.

Young Survival Coalition is the premier global organization dedicated to the critical issues unique to young women & breast cancer. Together, we are a powerful community fighting breast cancer in young women. We offer direct support services, resources, connections & outreach so women feel  empowered & hopeful. We believe no woman diagnosed under age 40 should be left to face breast cancer alone.
The Seattle Affiliate was formed in 2002 by a group of young survivors turned volunteers and advocates. Since then we are proud to have served over 130 young women with breast cancer in the Puget Sound region. For many, this is their first opportunity to connect with other young survivors. We provide support during the difficult times of diagnosis or recurrence, surgery and recovery and help women to gradually process their experience and find their “new normal.”

1400 Broadway Ave East
Seattle, WA 98122
866.541.1972 x4
Young women facing breast cancer together.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Seattle Counseling Services is a community mainstay

Seattle Counseling Service (SCS) is beginning its fourth decade of service in our community.  Cathy Speelmon from SCS will be on hand at the LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair to answer any questions you may have about their services.  Cathy will be available for the entire Health Fair which we greatly appreciate! 
Seattle Counseling Service is a unique resource for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities. We have experienced counselors to help you navigate the path to recovery and wellness. When you, your partner/family member, or other loved one are facing a life crisis or significant transition, suffering from depression or anxiety, want to build better relationships, are dealing with the affects of abuse or trauma or struggling with addiction, we can help.
We are committed to providing the highest quality care in an atmosphere free from judgment, fear and discrimination. And because we believe that a person's ability to pay should not determine his or her access to services, we have a sliding fee scale, accept Medicaid and many insurance plans and have procured grants and donations to increase access to services.
Telephone/TTY: (206) 323-1768
FAX: (206) 323-2184
Address: 1216 Pine Street, Suite 300
                      Seattle, WA 98101
Office Hours:
Monday thru Thursday open 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. (some sessions run later). Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Susan G Komen sponsors LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair

Susan G Komen has always been a huge supportor of our community and again is a sponsor of the LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair.  We very much appreciate their support as it enables us to serve our community in more ways.  We will have 3 volunteers from Susan G Komen to explain their services, breast cancer prevention and awareness.  Come with your questions as they are very well educated on the many topics.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Anti oppression skills taught using Theater techniques

As part of the Rainbow Health Fair we offer different ways to look at the same situation.  Lupita Patterson fits into this model perfectly!  She uses her skill combined with her BA in acting and theater to teach tools around LGBTQ issues, domestic violence, sexual assault, and anti oppression issues.  Her business offers diversity, anti oppression training and workshops.  Additionally, she produces plays and videos for community use and educational soap operas. 

Lupita Patterson
Theater of the Oppressed
Workshops and Trainings

Musical Offering at LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair

Marla S. Nonken has been a musician for over 40 years and she is presently on a journey which her music is reflecting.
Playing guitar, piano, electric keyboards, and percussion gives me opportunities to further delve into diverse tones, musical forms, sounds, volumes, body movements, and inner clarity...
Marla is glad that the Rainbow Health Fair continues it's once a year event and will be playing music for our enjoyment throughtout the day.  Thank you Marla!
Marla S. Nonken
Songwriter and Performer
Dyke/Disability Activist

Friday, June 17, 2011

Emerald Gate Acupuncture 12:00-3:00pm, open for treatment

We are pleased to have Lorrie Wallace & Renee Benedict, Licensed Acupuncturists in the Five Element Tradition joining us for the health fair. They have practices in the Wallingford neighborhood and are looking forward to giving treatments for rest and relaxation – especially good for those of us with stress-filled lives.

Renee Benedict
Lorrie Wallace
Licensed Acupuncturists
Emerald Gate Acupuncture2319 N. 45th St., Suite 201
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 682-1512

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Women's Health Issues will be addressed at LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair

There are so many of us that are of the age that information about Bio Identical Hormones is important to understand.  We are pleased to welcome Michelle Obertacz, ND, EAMP who will share the top foods and herbs for women's health and Bio Identical Hormone information.  She also will do tongue and pulse diagnosis, blood pressure readings, and information on all services!

Michelle Obertacz, ND, EAMP
Northwest Holistic Medicine
409 15th Ave E
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 226-8418

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Delish Food enhances LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair

Events often are remembered by the snackage that is nibbled upon while visiting with others.  I know I am still thinking about the yummy cinnamon buns from last years LBTQ Health Fair.  I am happy to announce Mae's Cafe will be supplying us again this year with coffee cake and cinnamon buns!  If you have not had a Jeanne Barwick cinnamon bun, I encourage you to try one either at the Health Fair or at Mae's Cafe in the Phinney Ridge area.

At the LBTQ Health Fair we are all about inclusion and Katie Zimmerman of Dykes with Knives does this with flair by providing food that is yummy, nutritious and  has vegetarian options.  She made individual wraps last year that were easy to eat while wandering about. We are very fortunate to recieve these gifts form Jeanne and Katie.  We all benefit when community members extend themselves to help others with the gifts they have.

Jeanne Barwick
Coffee cake, cinnamon buns; need to order in advance

Katie Zimmerman
Dykes with Knives
Snack trays

Monday, June 13, 2011

Expect B.E.S.T. Treatment at the LBGT Rainbow Health Fair

We want those who attend the LBGT Rainbow Health Fair to have the B.E.S.T. experience.  Linda Rasmussen will be sharing Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.), "a powerful, non-force, energy balancing procedure, to reestablish the full healing potential of the body using its natural healing abilities."

A wide variety of conditions have been eliminated or significantly improved through this technique. This is a uniquely private therapy: clients do not need to divulge their emotional or health concern to the Practitioner.

Linda Rasmussen is a B.E.S.T. Elite Master. She provides private treatment and offers a variety of training and talks to create greater understanding of wellness and the power of the mind to create health or disease. Ms. Rasmussen teaches Family and Emergency B.E.S.T. technique workshops so friends and family can assist each other outside of
treatment appointments.
Linda Rasmussen
Certified B.E.S.T. Practitioner
Living Well
Urban WorkLofts
918 S Horton, #808, Seattle WA 98134

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tarot Readings at the 13th Annual LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair

We pride ourselves on having a range of modalities at the annual LBGT Rainbow Health Fair.  We are pleased to be offering tarot readings by talented Bev Bryant.  Thank you Bev for joining our team of Peer Providers!   

Bev Bryant fell in love with the mysteries and secrets of the Tarot over 20 years ago making it her forever study. She has been reading Tarot Cards professionally for over 15 years.

Tarot readings can help give guidance and be used for decision-making and guidance in financial matters, relationships or careers.

Bev is also a Hypnotherapist. She has 3 CD’s, Weight Control, Relaxation and Bruxism, (teeth grinding). She is a Minister and does Weddings.

Please visit Bev’s website at:
Or call Bev at: 425-238-7894

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Massage Practioners have the touch at the Rainbow Health Fair

We will be highlighting Peer Providers over the next couple weeks and provide an opportunity to get to know them while whetting your appetite for their services.  Massage is always popular and especially so when it feels so fabulous and is FREE!  It is a perfect opportunity to check out a massage therapist's techniques while enjoying the relaxation and stress release they offer!

Zoë Abigail Bermet and Erica Black are 2 of the massage therapists that will be relaxing you with intuitive touch at the upcoming Health Fair on Saturday, June 25th!  Stay tuned for additional information on Carrie Nelson our other massage therapist(s) in a future post. 

Zoë provides caring, intuitive massage that is individually tailored to each clients needs.  Sessions may be focused on treating a specific issue or aimed at providing general relaxation and stress reduction.  She can work light or deep depending on the clients needs.  Zoë generally uses a combination of Swedish massage and myofascial techniques, but also incorporate cranio-sacral, somatic unwinding, and trigger point release.

Zoë Abigail Bermet, LMP
Therapeutic Massage for Women (LGBT friendly)
(206) 349-1355

Two locations: South Lake Union near REI and North Lake Union by Gasworks Park.

Erica Black
Cell (404) 271-1008

I am Erica, soon to be your body's new best friend.  I love helping people get relief from pain, stress, old nagging issues, injuries and other life challenges.  I believe that giving your body regular care through massage is a vital ingredient in the recipe for health!  I am an independent business owner and operator, which allows me to cater to my clients personally!  I look forward to working with you and earning your trust and business for many years to come.  
I have over seven years of experience as an LMP. I practice in and around the Seattle area, with clients as far away as Olympia and Cle Elum. Most of my practice is focused around offering high quality bodywork in my clients home. I do offer incall locations if you'd prefer to come to me. As well I offer Chair Massage for office settings. My rates vary on location and type of work. Your best action is to call or email me for a quote!
The survey says that this may be the best massage of your life!
Namaste, Erica

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

13th Annual LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair - save June 25th!

Experience an exciting diversity of complimentary peer health services intended to empower and encourage our community members at the 13th Annual LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair.  On Saturday, June 25th peer providers will share their services including acupuncture, massage, Trager, energy healing, personal trainers, tarot readings, safer sex, cholesterol checks and a wonderful laughter session provided by our own Ingrid.  These are just some of the services that will be provided!  

The Swedish Breast Center Mammography Coach will partner on-site for low or no-cost mammograms for income eligible individuals 40 and over (insurance is accepted also).  To make a mammogram appointment call 206.436.8623. 

Saturday, June 25th
10am - 3pm 
Gilda’s Club 
1400 Broadway
Seattle 98122

We are so excited with the peer offerings that will be available at the 13th Annual Rainbow Health Fair.  If you have not been before, you are in for a day of learning new ways to take care of yourself.  If you are returning for another year, you will recognize some of our beloved providers and benefit from the new providers joining us.  Stay tuned for additional information!