Monday, June 23, 2014

You can change your mood with food.....and more

Passionate nutrition
Sally TerBeck path to the study of nutrition began in 2008 when she was diagnosed with a severe sugar addiction accompanied by a period of anxiety and depression. Her doctor prescribed a dietary shift that changed her life. After abstaining from sugar for only one month, Sally’s anxiety decreased by an incredible amount. In fact, her results were so dramatic she became excited to learn more about how nutrition could affect changes in the rest of her body and mind. Now, after years of study, Sally has learned many other ways to improve mood stability and physical health for herself and others through nutrition. At the same time she also recognizes how difficult it can be to cook healthfully for yourself and others day after day and knows the shortcuts to eating well while saving time. For the past two years Sally has been working as a therapist at Seattle Counseling Service where she teaches an ongoing Food and Mood group. Her clinical interests are food’s effect on mood, nutritional support for side effects from medications, nutrition to support brain function, digestive health, LGBTQ and women health and empowerment.
Nutrition Demonstration
Golda will be doing a nutrition demonstration in the kitchen. Join her to learn how to make a healthful and nutritious smoothie!
Naturopathic / Trans Health
Les Witherspoon, who is a naturopathic physician at Meditrinalia Naturopathic, is coming to the Rainbow to give blood pressure readings and brief consultations for health conditions. Les offers naturopathic primary care that is sensitive to the needs of LGBTQ individuals and their families and households. Les offers transgender individuals transitional medicine as well as general healthcare.
Ben Dorfman is the owner and practitioner at Seattle Acupuncture and Coaching, PLLC. I use acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Ontological coaching to help patients heal all aspects of their body at one time . I specialize in treating patients with chronic and acute emotional and physical pain. Our emotions are so much a part of how our physical body feels which is why I take great effort to treat the entire person at one time.



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