Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Greens to Help You Heal

We always get to hear: Eat more dark leafy greens - good for your health and well-being!!

To get excited about this is a different matter entirely.
After I read this article, I felt inspired to try out a kale chip recipe. It's gotten me all excited again! PCC's article, "The virtues of greens," explains all the reasons why green vegetables are so good for us.

The color green, which has to do with the plant's chlorophyll, has always been associated with healing. When a vegetable has more chlorophyll, its green color comes in a darker shade. To receive the most benefits of greens, eat them raw or gently cooked! The less you cook greens, the more nutrients your body gets.

"The virtues of greens" touches on the different qualities of these vegetables, like prevention of heart disease, breast cancer, and other cancers; the building of stronger bones; and their ability to remove toxins from our bodies. In the words of Karen Lamphere, "research tells us that vegetables, and especially the green variety, are essential for our health!!"

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